Monday, October 25, 2010

Been and Gone


Oh wow, where did the long weekend go aye??? Friday night saw me join the fun at Scrapbook Dreams, challenge was to finish a already started Layout, very pleased
with the result too. Eldest Grandaughter Emily (taller of the two girls)was junior maid at a recent (well nearly recent) wedding. February 2010

It was my rostered turn to carry the "On Call" work phone, which entails being available (and sober) lol,
for 24/7 from Friday thru til Friday 8am this coming Friday, and hey, you would not believe it no calls....

Labour Monday managed to suss out how to divert the work phone (no cell coverage in Tapawera), so away I went to watch Emily at her first riding lesson.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Reality Has Struck!!!

Back at work for the last two days, but hey all good cos' if I didn't work there would be no hols...

Had one awesome time with Brendy and Charlie at Haast, what a great "set-up" they have on the Turnbull river for their annual whitebaiting escapade.

We did catch some of the wee "wrigglies". Lookin' forward to a big "pattie" cook-up when all our family home at Christmas.
Thankyou Jackie, Sam and Angus for your hospitality in Hoki on journey down and return, fantastic barbie Jack. And hey Angus , so pleased that Poss did not chase Leonard again, she must of taken good notice of the note you wrote to her... LOL

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nearly Departure Time...

And we haven't even left yet!!! Packin' ready for a early start tomorrow!!!
Bet ya can't guess what's under the mat in the back??? LOL
Check out the "thing",,, the stick with the wheel,, in Brendy's hands, it's a thing to cut the whitebait to the same length...
Yeh right Robbie!!!

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Dunno how, but I'm here!!!

After a little time (well maybe a bit more than a little), have got my blog up and running I think).

On two weeks annual leave, yay... Brendy due to arrive this arvo, we are heading off
Sunday morning for the Haast via Hoki.

Will stay tomorrow night with Jackie Sam and Angus, and travel the 2nd leg on Monday down to Charlie (Brendy's O-H) already down and set up at Haast.