Sunday, June 26, 2011

Home Again


A little bit of a "panic attack"
set in on Wednesday night, heard that
the ash over N.Z. could come down
to sea level!!! After a slightly restless night
good to go Thursday early am, from Nelson airport
thru to Auckland.
Yay, two excited ladies heading off to the 5th SENZ
expo (for both of us)...
As per usual, I enjoyed a fantastic class with Rachel Tucker,
love her girly style and always a fun class as well as new techniques learned.

A class I did with Lianne Gray (Scottie Crafts)
saw me complete this awesome canvas. (pictured)
Thanks heaps Lianne.

My other class was with Beverley Cunningham, a
tutor from Scottie Crafts as well. A fabulous
"Tim Holtz" mini album, I will post a picture
as soon as completely finished.
Thanks heaps to you as well Beverley...

Good shopping, food, R+R (well not much of that!!!)
friends, roll on SENZ 2012!!!

Lastly, thanks Brendy for your great company/friendship/humour!!!
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  1. So glad you girls got there without any hassle and that you both enjoyed your classes!

  2. Nice work Nana didnt we do well aye? And oh I have come down to earth not soooo excited anymore..Will try and load some pics to my blog in the next few days..