Friday, November 5, 2010

Having a great weekend off work, went out in boat with Rob (Hubby) this morning, just to check all going ok, and maybe even catch a fish. Well we got three (all a little undersized) darn!!!, so back they went into the "drink". Certainly pays to stick to the rules and regulations, fishing inspector at Grossi point doing a bit of checking when we came in.

This wee church is St. Pauls at Brightwater, my Mum and Dad's ashes are here in the cemetery, was my Mum's birthday today (Nov 6th) a lovely afternoon to go wish her a happy birthday
and put some flowers on plaque.


  1. Gee that Church looks so well looked after doesnt it. Perfect day to be out on the boat lovely photo with the snow in the background.
    Shame about the fish better luck next time aye!!

  2. I have been to a wedding in that church - it's so gorgeous!!
    Time for another post Elaine - there is a wee something for you on my blog. Merry Christmas.