Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Hi to all, well nearly three months since I was last here!!!  Pretty poor effort I must admit...

All VALID excuses though, a family
wedding. (Youngest Daughter was married in
January, credit to you Jackie tho', your
organisational skills are brilliant!!!)

My time was taken up with the right
"shots", nic nacs etc. that are all part
of my scrapbooking addiction  LOL!!!

L/O of the happy couple leaving the church.  The journalling behind RS photo
is the "Save the Date" card, the "Bride &  Groom" tags were tied to their little boxes of Hersheys chocolates, that Wedding party/guests had on their tables.

January saw four out of the five Grandies all totally enjoying the
local (TAPAWERA) annual "show day".
I am sure the fifth would have enjoyed as well, but had already gone home to Wellington with her Mum and Dad.

Mattie proved how safe!!!lol a driver he is, with Em having every confidence in him to ride "pillion"....

Angus (2nd from left)along with Hamish (left), totally loved the train rides and tug-o-war...

Does not seem too many years ago that their Mother's were the same ages attending the same event.


  1. Hey Elaine - As I say, it's the coming back that counts!
    Great layouts my friend. Both so appropriate for their occassion! Love them. Keep it up. xoxo

  2. Brilliant I love these pages..You havnt been idle in those 3 months I know that much, and as Esther said it's the coming back that counts. Looking forward to seeing more of your work here...